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AeroPress Coffee Maker + IMS Superfine Competition Filter Disk

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AeroPress Coffee Maker + IMS Superfine Competition Filter Disk

The perfect combination, the portable AeroPress coffee maker and the IMS competition superfine coffee disk filter is the secret to brewing the best tasting coffee anywhere.

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The AeroPress Coffee Maker with the reusable IMS Superfine Competition Filter Disk is an ideal bundle for the coffee enthusiast who enjoys a richer, sweeter, fruitier, fuller bodied cup of coffee while eliminating the need for replacement coffee paper filters.

Portable, lightweight, and durable, the AeroPress coffee maker brews a sweet, full-bodied cup of coffee with lower acidity and less bitterness anywhere, anytime while at home or when traveling. Coffee grounds are brewed with full immersion and pushed through the IMS filter disk, creating
a smooth, rich and grit-free cup of coffee. The brewing process takes approximately two minutes from start to finish, and with an easy clean-up.

The IMS reusable filter features a filtering power of 150 microns.  Made in Italy, and incorporates an Innovative technology. The filter disk is made from stainless steel, and designed to have small consistent sized holes to allow for a cup of coffee with more body, aromatics, and less acidity.

Used by professional baristas and Aeropress championship competitors alike, this is the filter of choice for creating that perfect cup of coffee without the papery coffee filter taste.



  • Included in the box: Aeropress, filter holder, 350 micro filters, coffee scoop, coffee stirrer, and funnel
  • Micro filtered for grit free coffee - unlike other press-type coffee makers
  • Makes 1 to 3 cups per pressing in about one minute
  • Easy clean up
  • Made in the USA, BPA free


  • External Diameter: 62 mm
  • Thickness: 0.10 mm
  • Hole Diameter: Ø 0.15 mm
  • Hole Number: 39֗780
  • Total Open Area: 28%

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