Cafelat Milk Pitcher - 0.3L/10 oz.
Cafelat Milk Pitcher - 0.5L/17 oz.
Cafelat Milk Pitcher

Cafelat Milk Pitcher

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Cafelat's newest milk frothing pitchers, designed by Paul Pratt founder of Cafelat, are made from high grade stainless steel, with a mirror finish and an absolutely amazing spout for creating latte art. These features enable the barista to achieve perfect texture and great lattes.

  • Mirror finish, thick 304 stainless steel walls
  • An absolutely amazing spout for latte art
  • A rolled rim for holding it handle free
  • Comfortble handle newly designed and improved
  • Stamped logos on both the handle and base
  • No ugly spot welds, the handles are laser welded

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