Mazzer Mini Electronic Espresso Grinder Type A - Polished Aluminum

Mazzer Mini Electronic Espresso Grinder Type A - Polished Aluminum

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Mazzer Mini Electronic Espresso Grinder Type A is an electronic, fully programmable coffee grinder. Featuring 64mm flat steels burrs, digital timed dosing, a hands-free portafilter rest and infinite grind adjustments. The Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A is the perfect choice for the espresso home enthusiast with height restrictions. The short hopper conveniently fits under cabinets and with classic funnel and portafilter holder design gives you great distribution for each dose.

Elegant in both function and design, the Mini is extremely durable. With the use of the very best parts and materials available, Mazzer has developed a home espresso grinder that all other home espresso grinders are compared to.

Mazzer grinders have earned the recognition deserved, and the Mini allows the home barista to fully enjoy a coffee grinder which will last for years, while improving the quality of their espresso extractions.


  • 64mm flat steel burr grinder

  • Electronic version (Type A)

  • Three push-buttons on top for dosing: single dose, double dose, and on-demand

  • Stepless micrometrical grind adjustment

  • Electronic device to select the dose

  • Dosing levels can be adjusted from 4 - 16 g

  • Die-cast aluminum body

  • Dimensions: 7.0" W x 10.5" D x 16.5" H

  • ETL certified

  • Manufacturers Warranty: 12 months Parts and Labor

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