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E61 Group Gasket - 9mm

E61 Group Gasket - 9mm

Replacement 9mm group gasket used in E-61 group head espresso machines for group heads or portafilters that have become worn and lock too far to the right.

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This replacement 9mm gasket can be used in most espresso machines with an E-61 group head. Leakage from the group head assembly during an extraction may indicate a worn gasket. Easy to replace, and by changing the group head gasket regularly, will help ensure a proper seal between the portafilter and group head assembly.

This group gasket can be used with most E-61 group head machines including but not limited to: Astra, BE61 group Brasilia, Conti, ECM Giotto, Faema, Fiorenzato, Futurmat, Grimac, Iberital, Quick Mill, Rocket, Vibiemme and Wega.


  • Group head gasket for E-61 group head machines
  • Dimensions: 73 x 57 x 9mm
  • Made in Italy

Recommended maintenance:
Replacement of group gasket should be changed frequently due to the excessive heat from the group head. Older gaskets become hard and brittle making them more difficult to remove. Leakage around the portafilter during an extraction indicates it is definitely time to change the gasket.

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