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Mighty Leaf Organic Hojicha Green Tea - 15 Pouch Box

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Mighty Leaf Organic Hojicha Green Tea - 15 Pouch Box

Organic Hojicha, a pan fried and slow roasted green tea, producing a hearty, rich and nutty flavorful cup of tea with low levels of caffeine.

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  1 pouch / 12 oz    200° F
   3 Minutes
Caffeine Origin Ingredients
   Light Caffeine Japan

Organic Green Tea Leaves

  • Tea Type:  Green tea bags
  • Leaves:  Organic green tea leaves
  • Aroma:  Rich, nutty
  • Light Caffeine

Within the green tea style category, Organic Hojicha contains lower levels of caffeine. Savor the toasty notes in this hearty cup as infused by our silken tea pouch, our take on the gourmet tea bag.

Mighty Leaf specially created the silken Tea Pouch filled with the world’s finest whole tea leaves, herbs, fruits and flavor too big for ordinary tea bags.

Brew Time:
Heat filtered or bottled water to a rolling boil to 200˚ F. While the water is heating pour hot water into your teapot and cups, let sit and then drain completely. A warm teapot will maintain the requisite temperature for superior tasting tea. Once water reaches correct brewing temperature, pour water over tea pouch, and steep for 3 minutes.

Serve Organic Hojicha alongside spicy and nutty foods. Also pairs well with strong cheeses. An ideal tea to promote digestion and improve circulation.

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