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Pallo GrindMinder Espresso Grinder Brush and Counter Sweep

Pallo GrindMinder Espresso Grinder Brush and Counter Sweep

This natural food grade brush is excellent for keeping your work surface clean from unwanted coffee grinds.

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The Pallo GrindMinder a combination grinder brush and counter sweep in one convenient tool. Simply brush the grinds from the grinder, then flip it around and sweep off the counter. Generous reach with a low-profile design for easy cleaning.


  • Natural food-grade bristles excel at collecting large and small grinds
  • Three rows of stiff nylon bristles provide plenty of sweep for your counters
  • Hanger hole to store it out of the way
  • Ergonomic handle keeps your hands in a comfortable, natural position
  • Low profile head is designed to reach under machines
  • 2 part brush - screws apart if needed for easy storage

Since 2003, JoeGlo and Pallo tools have been making cleaning and maintenance faster & easier for baristas and roasters with their unique line of innovative space-saving multi-function tools.

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