Quick Mill Achille Espresso Machine
Quick Mill Achille Espresso Machine

Quick Mill Achille Espresso Machine

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The Quick Mill Achille espresso machine offers the serious home barista a traditional way to pull of shot of espresso. Elegant, stylish, and beautifully designed, Quick Mill has created the Achille to resemble the old world charm of a lever machine while featuring today's modern commercial and state of the art technology into a stunning machine that pure espresso enthusiasts prefer.

Featuring an extremely quiet rotary pump, 4.5 liter boiler, group pressure gauge, a Gicar control board, and the option for direct plumbing or a refillable water tank are just a handful of features making this the perfect espresso machine for the serious home barista.

There is no greater satisfaction for the home barista than pulling a shot of espresso on the Achille lever action machine.


  • Stainless steel shell

  • Stainless steel cup warmer

  • Articulating no burn steam and hot water wands

  • Manual lever action

  • Group pressure gauge

  • 3 liter water tank

  • Hinged cover to the water for easy access

  • Visible water tank indicator

  • Water tank or direct plumb option

  • 4.5 copper boiler

  • Rotary pump

  • Gicar control board

  • Sirai pressure stat

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