Rancilio Commercial 3 Piece Group Repair Kit

Rancilio Commercial 3 Piece Group Repair Kit

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If during an extraction water is leaking around the portafilter, or very little flow from the group, it's time for an easy group head tune-up. Tune up your Rancilio with this 3 piece group head repair kit. Included is everything needed to keep your Rancilio espresso machine making great tasting espresso's.

We recommend changing the group gasket at a minimum of every six months, as older gaskets become hard and brittle making them more difficult to remove and replace.

Recommended for routine cleaning is our Puly Caff Espresso Machine Cleaner to protect your machine by inhibiting scale and corrosion and while keeping your machine working in tip-top shape.

Kit includes: All Rancilio OEM Parts
  • 1 x Traditional Firm Group Gasket: Part #36301046
  • 1 x Group Screen: Part #40200005
  • 1 x Group Screw: Part #37030518

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