Rancilio Silvia 3 Piece Group Repair Kit

Rancilio Silvia 3 Piece Group Repair Kit

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If during an extraction water is leaking around the portafilter, or very little flow from the group, it's time for an easy group head tune-up. Tune up your Rancilio Silvia with this 3 piece group head repair kit. Included is everything needed to keep your Silvia espresso machine making great tasting espresso's.

We recommend changing the group gasket at a minimum of every six months, as older gaskets become hard and brittle making them more difficult to remove and replace.

Kit includes: 
  • 1 x Group Silvia Gasket: Part #36301030
  • 1 x Group Screen: Part #40200005
  • 1 x Group Screw: Part #37030518

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